Hello Everyone

11 Nov

I’ve been thinking about adding some other shows, dramas or movies here..

And so, I would like to hear what YOU are interested in.. ?

I’ve so far gotten 2 request for Happy Together 3, and so I’m currently going through my files trying to figure out what I have, so that I can add a guest list at the same time 😉

And my second question is.. Do YOU have any shows, dramas or movies you would like to share with the rest of us? It might something I have but haven’t uploaded.. All help uploading and sharing is greatly appreciated =) Everything will be credited of course.. The more ppl willing to help out, the more fun and different stuff we can get up here =)

Maybe you can create a nice banner? For the blog or for each segment =P
Or maybe you know web design and can help make it look better? Everything is highly appreciated =)

Please let me know ^_^

13 Responses to “Hello Everyone”

  1. renishi 2010/11/11 at 17:15 #

    how about heroes(sbs) or hot brothers(mbc)? hahaha i know other than kbs other broadcasting station does not have any english subs xD but i am just trying my luck

  2. Gerhard 2010/11/12 at 06:52 #

    i want to vote more than 1 show…
    but the vote only allow me to pick one.. shall i vote again for each show??
    i love Star Golden Bell, QoM, and 1 Night 2 Days..

    may i suggest Gags Concert (with a sub, of course.. :D)
    i never find the show with a sub.. not even a fun sub.. is it really hard to find????

    • ciciljed 2010/11/12 at 08:28 #

      I think it’s very hard to find.. I haven’t found any subbing squads for it either =(

      • Gerhard 2010/11/12 at 13:57 #

        Maybe there’s no one try to translate them because jokes often need extra explanations.. usually when its related to local cultures or habits..

        but please keep looking..
        i’ll keep looking too..
        i’ll inform you if i found one…

      • ciciljed 2010/11/12 at 14:38 #

        That might very well be the reason.. And maybe cuz in shows there’s a “typical setting” that the subbing squad likes and subs.. and Fan Subs often are due to special Idols in those shows, episodes.. While Gag Concert don’t have Idols in that sense, or a typical setting, since it have to be new jokes etc..

  3. Gerhard 2010/11/15 at 04:12 #

    i want to thanks again to you..
    this blog is became my “always open page”..
    please keep this blog update as much as you can..
    specially SGB episodes..

    you have my gratitude.. i love you..

  4. andreea 2010/11/16 at 20:32 #

    hi. i’d like to offer myself for the “Maybe you can create a nice banner? For the blog or for each segment =P
    Or maybe you know web design and can help make it look better? Everything is highly appreciated =)”
    part if you still need it:)
    your blog it’s a lot of help to me and others so i’d like to say thanks this way^^

    • ciciljed 2010/11/17 at 14:18 #

      that would be totally awesome if you wanna do that =)
      Do you have a wordpress account? if you do, I can add you as a “contributor, administrator, or editor” here =) (never done it before, so dont know which one is neede to controll the banner/design =P hehe.. I’m not so technical”

      • andreea 2010/11/20 at 22:18 #

        hi. sorry for the late reply. i’ve been in another city and there i don’t have yet an internet connection:(.
        i don’t have a wordpress account (i’m more of a livejournal person:D) but i guess i’ll make one soon^^

  5. hellokitty 2010/11/23 at 07:24 #

    Would you be able to upload Invisible Baseball Team? It would be awesome if you could!
    Thank You for all of your hard work!!!!

  6. azra 2011/05/23 at 02:20 #

    i definitely want the 1n2d dl! pls pls pls?!!

    • Cicilje 2011/05/24 at 13:18 #

      I will not be able to start reuploading them until there’s a better system on the files that are already there.. That means, that when someone has correctly sorted the last episode with trip number and destination I’ll start reuploading the episodes.. If i do so now, there will just be more caos on the site..
      If more ppl want the case with the rest of the episodes i might re consider.. if not, maybe you or someone you know can fix it? make a list and send it to me?

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