Hi again guys..

4 Mar

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in ages.. I’m super busy with the clinical practice, and my internet only seems to work 5 min at a time, which makes it umpossible for me to upload.. I’m terribly sorry for it.. But I’m working on it, and I hope it’ll be up and running soon..

Thanks for your patience..

~ Cici

6 Responses to “Hi again guys..”

  1. xXiceXx 2011/03/04 at 17:03 #

    I hope your internet works, I’ll wait pasiently >.<

    • Cicilje 2011/03/07 at 15:26 #

      So do I.. It’s been working for 15 min now, which is a record.. So hopefully there will be at least 1 or more episodes up from different shows today =)

  2. Tina 2011/03/05 at 03:00 #

    I know how it feels with the internet! But I hope things get better for you. And thanks for uploading these links. =) You’ve definitely worked hard on this and spent a LOT of time.

    • Cicilje 2011/03/07 at 15:25 #

      Thanks.. Yea, it really sucks.. Yea, it takes a lot of time, so I dont always have time to update at the same time every week (when i have net).. but I do my best, I know how hard it is to find some of the shows.. Hope you enjoy the shows =)

  3. benjamin 2011/03/05 at 09:12 #

    Thx for all your work cicilje, hope your able to upload more Qualifications Of Men! It’s so hard to find it you are the only person where I watch it from.

    • Cicilje 2011/03/07 at 15:24 #

      I just put an episode on upload, so if my internet holds for the time it takes to upload there will be a new ep up today 😉

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