Support peace!

25 Jul

I am not one whom is good at writing long posts about personal feelings.. But I would like to take this opportunity to say how deeply sadden I was when I learned about the tragedy here, home in Norway while I was in Finland..  To know that a person can grow filled with hatred like that is unbelievable.. I know it has been a possibility for terror attaks for a long time, but it still feels surreal, that it’s just something you see on the news, not something that happens in your own home country.. And from a man who clams to be nationalistic and christian? I can not find anything nationalistic or christian about executing about 70 (as the number is right now)..

I hope, and pray that Norway, together with the rest of the world can meet this problem with love and democracy.. Let’s not fall into the trap of hatred, but let us all stand together and make it known that we will not stand for this.. We want a world off peace.. A world with the right to believe in whatever you believe is the best or the truth.. A world where you wont be persecuted for being whom you are.. I know there are wars going on, and that it might sound selfish to hope for a world peace, but no matter how stupid it is, I will like always, hope for a future where people respect and support each other.

Please stand together and support peace and democracy.. And pray for all those who lost their loved once in the terror attack here in Norway, and everywhere else where lives are being taken way too soon.. Let us pray for the once whom are lost, that they will not be forgotten, and forever cherished..

2 Responses to “Support peace!”

  1. sideout 2011/07/25 at 20:51 #

    Read about what happened on the news over the weekend and its really horrible and disgusting what happened. Best wishes to you and your country.

    P.s. I hear the number has gone up :[

    • Cicilje 2011/07/30 at 16:28 #

      It went a lot up and down in the start.. Now the final number on dead people from the two attacks are 77.. It’s just unbelievable.. and most of them were very young, teenagers and such..

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