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Administrator ~ Creator

Nickname: Cici
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1990.04.14
Home Town: Bergen, Norway
Current City: Slagelse, Denmark
Occupation: Nursing Student
Twitter: @Cicilje

Moderator ~ Editor

Nickname: Roosa
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 19.06.1992
Home Town: Pori, Finland
Current City: Pori, Finland
Occupation: Studying at business college
 Twitter: @roossc

19 Responses to “About”

  1. eureca 2010/11/20 at 16:34 #


    thanks for uploading lots of shows….i really appreciate ur work.
    i wonder…r u going to record and upload the Oh My School from kbs/kbsw?
    i guess u r shinee fan since u use shinee banner…since minho is going to be permanent cast in that show…i hope u will upload it. if im not mistaken…the pilot show will be aired the next week.

    i hope u upload the show…lots of idols will be in the show.

    • ciciljed 2010/11/20 at 21:38 #

      I think DevilSlob is going to be ripping the show, since “Oh! My School” & “Star Golden Bell” is supposedly almost the same show, and there’s a big chance that SGB will end..
      If DevilSlob rips it, I’ll start sharing it here.. At least if it gets a good response.. =)

      Hehe, I’m a big fan on Hello Baby with Shinee 😉 and I have no technical skills to make a banner =P

  2. Gerhard 2010/11/22 at 11:22 #

    i’m trying to upload some QoM eps in smaller size version (+/- 300mb)..
    if i success, i’ll give u the link..
    feel free to re-upload if necessary.. i’m just a free member at MU.. 😀

  3. Gerhard 2010/11/25 at 04:05 #

    i want to put your QoM Choir links in a lokal forum in my country..
    But, the forum is not allow to put other blog/webpage..
    may i just put the links and just your name (ciciljed)?

  4. Gerhard 2010/12/21 at 11:04 #

    do you have Haha Mong Show episodes with sub?

    • Cicilje 2010/12/21 at 12:37 #

      Sorry, no.. I haven’t seen that anywhere..

    • Gerhard 2010/12/22 at 09:03 #

      it’s from SBS.. i’ve found some with subs but they are low quality streaming.. and i also found complete episodes but without sub..
      *it’s a good show.. 😀

      • Cicilje 2010/12/24 at 19:13 #

        Where did you find with subs?

      • Gerhard 2010/12/26 at 05:22 #

        for pilot episode (grand opening and 2am): mystariesubs.com (hq)
        and there are some others streaming episodes (snsd, t-ara, 2pm) at KShowNow.net

        Note: Big Bang and Kara/2AM at KShowNow.net are parts of Pilot Episode.. 😀

        There are 2 more episodes (KARA), but they are subbed by local (my country) subbers.. i can’t share the links, but i will ask if i’m allowed to re-upload and share with you.. 😀

  5. Invincible Youth! 2011/01/24 at 19:29 #

    Can you pls post download links to Invincible Youth especailly ep 30 – the last one pls ^^

  6. Invincible Youth! 2011/01/24 at 19:33 #

    Please uploading Invincible Youth especailly around ep 30 – last one pls ^^

  7. gerhard 2011/03/11 at 15:53 #

    i like your new blog looks..
    feel cleaner and faster..
    you did a great job..

  8. jaennie 2011/03/31 at 16:43 #

    i just found your blog… so happy to know it… pls be patient with the uploading… cos i also need a very very long time to download as my connection in my country is very slow….
    thank you for the hard work….:)

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