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Support peace!

25 Jul

I am not one whom is good at writing long posts about personal feelings.. But I would like to take this opportunity to say how deeply sadden I was when I learned about the tragedy here, home in Norway while I was in Finland..  To know that a person can grow filled with hatred like that is unbelievable.. I know it has been a possibility for terror attaks for a long time, but it still feels surreal, that it’s just something you see on the news, not something that happens in your own home country.. And from a man who clams to be nationalistic and christian? I can not find anything nationalistic or christian about executing about 70 (as the number is right now)..

I hope, and pray that Norway, together with the rest of the world can meet this problem with love and democracy.. Let’s not fall into the trap of hatred, but let us all stand together and make it known that we will not stand for this.. We want a world off peace.. A world with the right to believe in whatever you believe is the best or the truth.. A world where you wont be persecuted for being whom you are.. I know there are wars going on, and that it might sound selfish to hope for a world peace, but no matter how stupid it is, I will like always, hope for a future where people respect and support each other.

Please stand together and support peace and democracy.. And pray for all those who lost their loved once in the terror attack here in Norway, and everywhere else where lives are being taken way too soon.. Let us pray for the once whom are lost, that they will not be forgotten, and forever cherished..


13 Apr

Well.. Then I’d finally had my exam, and I’m back with 2 new episods of each show.. Minus 1N2D which I’m taking a brake with at the moment.. There doesn’t seem like that many are dl’ing it, or wants it.. If I’m mistaken, let me know.. Then I’ll put it back on my upload list.. Please enjoy the new episodes.. (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload next week, I’ll be home in Norway to work and visit friends and family..)

Oh.. I’ve also added some easy Korean phrases in a new “corner” – Learn Korean.. And some Korean recipe’s.. Cuz I love Korean food, and maybe someone else does to =P hehe

What do you want?

2 Apr

As I’ve said, I might stop a show this month, but I might also start uploading a new show..

The shows that I regularly update here are

1 Night 2 Days
Happy Together 3
Let’s Go Dream Team 2
Oh My School
Qualifications of Men

Now I want to know.. Which of these programs do you dl? And also, are you interested in the shows listed below?

On Your Command, Sir
Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook

I’m also thinking, I might upload some dramas on the days where I have extra time (or have reports to write where I can have the uploading on in the background).. In that case.. Are there any dramas in particular you’re interested in? Its easiest if it’s a show from my index list, but I can also get a hold of other dramas..

New Name & Moderator!

10 Mar

New name: CD’s Treasure Island ~ Your Deluxe K-Show Palace

Is it ok, or should it be called something else?

Also, please welcome Roosa =)
She’s the awesome editor ~ moderator of this blog! Please support her in trying to help me maintain it =)


I was thinking.. Since I’m hoping this page will last for a long time still.. It’s in need for a new name!!

DO YOU! Have any great ideas for what it can be called?

I’m sorry…

9 Mar

I’m sorry to say, but in April I will stop uploading the shows that don’t get comments.. To those of you whom leave comments, I’m grateful, but when I have episodes that’s been downloaded about 44 000 times, yet my blog barely has 300 comments (including me answering comments).. It’s not nearly enough.. I’m sorry to have to do it like this.. But it takes a long time to upload and post the episodes, so when so many seem unappreciated about it.. It’s not so fun to share..

I’m gonna try to keep it up, but I’m gonna need some motivation, and/or help to keep this site running.. I hope you guys understand..

Newest uploads =)

7 Mar


These uploads might not be placed in the lists on the respectable pages yet..

PS: I will from now on use KBSW dates and not KBS dates on all of the variety shows.. That means a date change in shows like Happy Together 3.. I will not change the dates on the older episodes (unless someone can help make a new episode list).. There seems to be a 5 week difference in KBS and KBSW dates on HT3.

Qualifications of men

110109 –
110116 –
110123 –
110130 –
110206 –
110213 –
110220 –
110227 –
110306 –
110313 –

Oh My School

03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –
08 –
09 –
10 –

Happy Together 3

110113 –
110120 –
110127 –
110210 –
110217 –
110224 –
110303 –

Lets Go Dream Team

101212 –
101219 –
101226 –
110102 –
110109 –
110116 –
110123 –
110130 –

1Night 2 Days

110116 –
110123 –
110130 –
110206 –
110213 –
110220 –
110227 –
110306 –

Running Man

Ep 14-28

Hi again guys..

4 Mar

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in ages.. I’m super busy with the clinical practice, and my internet only seems to work 5 min at a time, which makes it umpossible for me to upload.. I’m terribly sorry for it.. But I’m working on it, and I hope it’ll be up and running soon..

Thanks for your patience..

~ Cici