If you have any requests about variety, drama or movies you want either from the list in the index or that might not have been mentioned, write it here, and I’ll see what I can do.. The more requests a show has, the more I’ll try to make it possible, and upload it here..



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36 Responses to “Requests”

  1. Will 2011/03/18 at 11:03 #

    Could you help find/sub episode 78 of ‘All my love’. Thanks in advance.

    • Cicilje 2011/03/18 at 12:55 #

      I need to know what “All my love” is first? Variety? Drama?

      • Will 2011/03/19 at 12:38 #

        ops, sorry. It’s a Korean Drama, that is still currently airing.

      • Cicilje 2011/03/19 at 17:36 #

        I’ll look into it.. But since I haven’t heard of it before I can’t promise anything..

    • Cicilje 2011/03/27 at 15:12 #

      Is it the actual episode, or just the subs you need?
      Cuz is subbing the show, but they’ve only gotten to episode 71.. And think i know where to find the episode without subs..

      • will 2011/04/07 at 03:07 #

        Thanks, I can wait for Episode 74 subs to come out

  2. nikitz 2011/04/06 at 10:13 #

    firstly i want to thx for the SGB upload…. i’ve looking for a long time for shinee episode…..almost a year i think…… i’ve finally found episode 211…..
    thank you so much…. ^^
    but now i’m still missing the episode 222 and 240…..
    can you help me find it?
    thanks……really appreciate it…..^^

    • Cicilje 2011/04/06 at 13:18 #

      Who exactly is in those episodes? (It’ll make it easier to look for them 😉 or i might have overlooked something 😉 hehe)

      • nikitz 2011/04/06 at 14:22 #

        in episode 222 : Onew, Minho, Taemin
        in episode 240 : Minho, Jonghyeon

        i really like minho hahaha…so now i’m looking for all his variety show….^_^
        i almost forgot….do you have yahaengsung ep 14 ? it’s shinee episode also……
        actually i find yahaengsung already in, but there’s no english sub….

        thank you so much….^_^

      • Cicilje 2011/04/06 at 17:23 #

        Ok =)
        Hehe.. I only have it without subs, or Onew’s cut subbed on, have you found anywhere that subs the whole shows? =P (Onew’s my fav in Shinee =P)

      • nikitz 2011/04/07 at 06:45 #

        i only have ep 13 ( full shinee ) and ep 19 (onew is replaced by the others shinee cause of his musical practising)…’s already eng sub of course… ^^
        i can give you the youtube link if you want…. ^^

      • Cicilje 2011/04/07 at 12:08 #

        That would be great =)

  3. Takeshi 2011/04/17 at 02:20 #

    Do you know where “SBS Chuseok Special: Fantasy Star Couple Finals” video, with Jung Ah from after school can be downloaded? I’ve looked everywhere. Thanks

  4. TikTok 2011/04/24 at 10:51 #

    Just wondering but what program do you use to download torrents?

    Btw thx for all your hard work uploading us shows. I really hope you continue uploading Happy Together 3, QOM & Oh My School there my favourite.

    • Cicilje 2011/04/25 at 05:57 #

      I use bittorrent..

      • TikTok 2011/04/25 at 07:48 #

        Ty ^^

  5. christine 2011/04/25 at 17:05 #

    Can you English Sub Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 Episode 4 w/ Kim Hyun Joong please??

    Here’s the Download Link of the show non subbed:

    Thank you!!

  6. Ageha chan 2011/05/15 at 14:26 #

    I’ve just downloaded 2 eps of 1N2D..
    but why cant I play it in my Media player?

    • Cicilje 2011/05/15 at 14:37 #

      Maybe because of the media type? I usually use VLC player on every file.. It seems to be the best player..

      • Ageha chan 2011/05/15 at 14:58 #

        it works..thank u.. ^^

  7. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/03 at 03:28 #

    Hi. I have a favor to ask you ..- Can you give me Maybe the subs by Oh! Give my school? I translate from the English into German for my forum. And I was hoping that maybe you can help me. (^ / \ ^)

    • Cicilje 2011/07/05 at 12:59 #

      I get the hardsubed from DevilSlob whom rips it from KBSW, so idk the softsubs.. But you can always use the hardsubs to write the German subs.. Just remember to credit where you got it from..

  8. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/09 at 00:02 #

    I still have not begun to translate because I was hoping that I can load the subs somewhere. But I do like it because so many have wished. Can you please tell me where could I download the hardsub. I’ve searched everywhere but can not find it.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Cicilje 2011/07/09 at 13:08 #

      I haven’t heard of a show called “Oh! Give my School”, only the similar name “Oh! my school” aka “100 point out of a 100”.. all the shows i have will be found in the index..

  9. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/10 at 03:00 #

    Sorry I meant “Oh My School”. Since my PC has spun. Do you have the Harsdsubs?

    • Cicilje 2011/07/10 at 18:07 #

      Yes.. Just enter the index, open the post called “Oh My School” and the dl links are there.. I have a few more episodes, but I haven’t gotten a chance to upload them yet..

  10. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/10 at 23:23 #

    I’ve seen you have it. ^ – ^ But I just need the subs (for example: Aegisub) Subs not with the consequences. So only the Times. I’ve seen that it exists as a torrent. But I can not upload. T-T

    • Cicilje 2011/07/11 at 09:10 #

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean.. Sorry.. I only have the subed oh my school that i’ve uploaded here..

  11. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/11 at 22:21 #

    You’ve got the Hartsubs of DevilSlob? Right?
    Have you downloaded the complete show? Or movie and film and subs separately hardsub?

    Sorry I know I’m complicated and annoying. U.U

    • Cicilje 2011/07/12 at 07:40 #

      it’s a KBSW show, dl from DevilSlob.. KBSW shows are ripd with subs.. So I have never had softsubs for the show..

  12. Isabell Pagel 2011/07/13 at 00:07 #

    Oh. Ok then, I thank you for your help! I hope I’m not preparing too much inconvenience. Thanks again bye Isa.

  13. MJ Mendoza 2011/07/19 at 04:25 #

    thanks for uploading happy together episodes, really appreciate it. Could you upload episode 105 and 106 with park kyung lim,jang nara, and lee so young with english sub? Its dated 070909 and 071609. Thanks in advance!!!

  14. Lina N (@omgitzlinaa) 2011/08/08 at 04:05 #

    Thank you so much for all the Happy Together episodes with english subs! There are 4 episodes that I really want to see. Can you please upload them? The first two are dated 090226 and 090305 with Kim Hyun Joong, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Joon & Kim Kyu Jong. The third one is dated 091126 with Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Kyu Jong (SS501). Last but not least, the episode dated 110623 with Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Yeong Saeng, Kwanghee, Hyorin & Boyfriend. I know it’s a lot, but I would really appreciate it if you can do this favor for me! Thank you in advance and I will patiently rush! 🙂

  15. pk 2011/09/10 at 19:04 #

    Is it possible to upload ep 19 of the K..B…S variety show win win???
    Im dying to watch this episode and it seems it’s nowhere to be found….I can find ep 17 and 18 and 20 but no 19…please???????????????
    It has cha seung won it and i reallllyyy want to watch it…

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